the history of chique

founded in 2018, chique boutique began as a gift shop in a little shop on the west side of vancouver, bc. our retail shop consisted of one-off items, gift baskets, clothing, jewelry, purses, scarves, custom orders of western dresses using indian fabrics and to create that perfect tailored outfit jut for you. 

fast-forward to 2020, chique boutique relaunched with a new brand specializing in stunning dresses for all of life’s special events. whether you’re off to the office to spearhead the next big project, going out with your girlfriends to paint the town red, or heading to the event of the year, we have you covered.

our stunning collection and fashionable approach to the everyday encourages personal style with a dash of charm. while we are inspired by the legendary kate spade, our brand is indo-canadian, especially in our flagship location. 


the story behind our brand & the logo

kanwal, our founder's name, means lotus and has a lot of meaning to it, which is why it is the perfect symbol for the brand. 

the years immediately prior to the launch of chique were full of adversity for kanwal. like the lotus, kanwal pushed through the mud, rooted in her past experiences, and rose up to break through the surface. the business was reborn. 

what's even cooler? our lotus breaks down into 7 colours. in western culture, 7 is considered a lucky number and in the easter culture, the body is considered to have 7 chakras just like our logo and our brand is just that - a fusion of east meets west! 


chique mission 

we would like to respectfully acknowledge that we work on the traditional and unceded territory of the Tsawwassen (sc̓əwaθən) first nations people. 

to dress women from head to toe in handcrafted, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials leaving her feeling dazzling both inside and out. 


chique vision 

 to become a globally inspirational and admired brand which stands for women's rights and empowerment in a stylish way. 



giving back is at the centre of our brand. being a devout Sikh, our founder was raised with the ethics of charity. standing up against racism, standing up for gender equality and working to raise awareness against the savagery against women (infant girls and females in general) in india is at the core of chique and the main why for kanwal. why she opened the company, why we do what we do and why we are working so hard to make a difference. 

we are so passionate about working with charities and make it a priority. 

currently, we are working to support Dress for Success