as we continue to expand, your involvement and contribution it's not only appreciated, it's crucial. chique ambassador program was designed to form a community for active-minded people who want to support our company in a more formal way.

  1. becoming chique brand ambassador
    whether you are an entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast or simply a person who seeks to change the world, it's all about inspiration. you inspire us and we believe strongly in your capacity to inspire others. becoming a brand ambassador for chique means becoming a part of the growing community of individuals who are committed to inspire through simplicity and aesthetics. 
  2. goals of the program
    it’s all about what you strive for.
    our main goal is to empower you to do what you strive for and what you do best more effectively. In exchange you will help us build brand awareness and loyalty, help us create amazing content for social media, campaigns, look books and so on.
  3. feedback
    it’s all about your expertise.
    we will keep asking, we will keep measuring. you are part of the team, a real partner and your feedback, good or bad, will always be very welcome.


you are a respected professional in your field. you excel in your domain. we expect the following of you:

first and foremost to be a proud ambassador of chique! if you like the brand, clothes and everything else that we are doing, then it should be easy for you to be a great ambassador. you will visually represent our brand and its values, philosophy and lifestyle promoted.

for more info - fill up the form below to get the brand ambassador program guide. 


you're doing a fantastic job. you're reaching new great people and creating buzz for the brand. it's time to reward you with:

  • recognition on our social media and website.reposts/mentions/tags of your social media
  • ability to be involved in business co-curricular activities like writing blogs, sharing ideas, helping with the email campaign, vip event invites.
  • additional 25% off on everything (except clearance items)
  • unique promo code for their friends/followers with a discount of 10%
  • earn 10% credit for every sale using your discount code
  • possibility of receiving free products, if applicable


in order to be considered you must meet one of the requirements:

  • if you have a blog you must have a minimum of 500 unique monthly visitors
  • if you have twitter, a minimum of 500 followers
  • if you have instagram, a minimum of 1000 followers that are involved with your posts.
  • if you have facebook, a minimum of 1000 highly involved fans.
  • if you have youTube, a minimum of 500 subscribers

please note: not every applicant will be selected for the ambassador program.