what is laxmi day?
chique boutique's logo is a lotus flower and inspired by our founder's name, kamal.

in her personal life, kamal faced numerous turmoils but her name was her inspiration through it all. during each adversity, she would remind herself of the lotus flower and how this beautiful flower blooms every morning in murky waters. as such, she would motivate herself to give her best each day and keep trekking ahead.

throughout her life as an entrepreneur, kamal met quite a few women who have had their own stories that inspired and motivated her to keep moving. now, she wants to open up this to the general public. she wants to invite women to share their story so that their story becomes a motivation to someone else.

who are we?
chique boutique, is a fashion boutique located at tsawwassen mills, bc. we specialize in ladies fashions that are handcrafted in india, have a european fashion appeal, but are made with the comfort of the west coast laid back style in mind. it’s dresses and accessories you can wear for any occasion, even the work at home days.

why laxmi day?
when thinking of a name for this campaign, kamal decided to turn this into a holiday. after all, any excuse to celebrate women is a good one! she decided that she wanted to name it after one of the amazing women from the pages of indian history. initially, she thought of the queen of jhansi, her idol. her name: laxmibai.

the shop logo is of the lotus and the goddess laxmi sits on a lotus. that is her throne. laxmi is the goddess who leads to one’s goal. she is the divine energy (power or shakti) of vishnu (one of the supreme gods in hinduism). she also represents knowledge, money and courage.

naming the face of chique boutique and declaring this day as laxmi day was just a natural direction for us. the chique woman is strong, resilient and leads an army of women as laxmibai did. she is courageous, full of wealth and knowledge and she is the divine energy of her other half.

what do the winners get?

the winners will receive:

  • a $200 gift card to our shop
  • professional photographs
  • the lifestyle photoshoot pictures will be used for all marketing purposes
  • their story will be shared to inspire other women (with permission)
  • an opportunity to share their story and provide interviews to media (with permission)


the timeline:

sept. 18 - campaign launch

sept. 30 - campaign closes

oct.  03  - finalists begin coming to the shop to take a picture in front of our special backdrop; they share on the picture taken in store on their social media, tag us and friends and collect votes

oct. 11  - we contact the 2 winners and dedicate this remaining week on pampering them and conducting the lifestyle shoot.

oct. 18 - we reveal the winners and declare them our chique laxmi’s


how to apply:

complete the form below to enter! we'll be in touch with you with next steps.