our exquisite fabrics

our exquisite fabrics

the gorgeous pieces you see on our racks are the result of some really carefully thought out procedures. one of the things that we spend the most time thinking about is our fabric.

once we have decided what colours we are going to incorporate in our new collections, we are onto the next step of the process - picking the right fabric. at chique, we always pay extra attention to the fabrics used in our outfits . we use natural fabrics from india to manufacture the unique collections for you. before choosing a fabric, a lot of variables need to be considered - the top priorities are the occasion, weather, and body shapes of our customers. 

our company aims to demonstrate the richness of indian culture and its diversity in the crafts. not only in fabrics but also in the actual craft used in our designs, such as the embellishments and embroideries on our dresses.  

did you know that every indian state has its own language and its own special art as well as food? all our fabrics come from the different states which represent their own craftsmanship. every region (see the picture below) has its own handloom techniques that are used to weave many fabrics. our lines are made of cotton, blend cotton, rayon, silk, crepe, satin, wool, pashmina, cashmere, velvet, georgette, and chiffon.   


can’t get enough of indian art and crafts? neither can we! the pictures below describe more about our gorgeous fabrics and its textile specifics which we use in our collections.

india has so much to offer. the chique team is proud to demonstrate the rich art this culture has to offer. its diversity in the crafts and unique collection of fabrics and materials is amazing! 

stay tuned for our write up about embroidery and embellishments, the origins and the story behind the different types we infuse in our clothing, the shoes and the purses. 

which fabric is your fave, babe?

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