classy styles for that special event

Nataliia Klymenko

posted on septembre 07 2020

classy styles for that special event


who says that you can’t have a busy schedule and a perfect sense of style too?

during the day, especially in these quarantine days, we’re busy with our choices, we have many things going on in our mind, but we all want that fantastic look to cheer us up and make us feel alive!

so, we want to go through some trendy styles of the past month.

first thing first: CLASSY BLACK!


 it is always a good idea to go black with your dress, especially when it’s a fancy ceremony or a classy gathering of friends at night time. 

here’s a black side shoulder bodycon dress. with that gentle, soft texture, you can have comfort with style!

it’s not a secret to anyone that a perfect dress needs an ideal purse. this uniquely designed clutch: ms-uk could be an excellent match, with the wooden parts make it unique even more! and with the new: feather drop earrings.

you can have an ultimate look for the special night.


 second look: WHITE PARTY LOOK


it’s better to wear the bright colours in the summer and hot days, but we can match and wear whatever style and colour we want wherever we want, and that shows the beauty of your sense of fashion.

so, here is a white: fit & flare off-shoulder midi dress. for your brunch hangout with friends or just an adventurous day of yours.

matched with the: durga purse

you can always go bold with what you choose to wear, and these: gold toned contemporary drop earrings could be a good start, that goes amazing with the fresh white look.


third look: ROMANTIC DATE


this is a beautiful, comfy yet ladylike dress with great texture and design made for your special night. wearing bright colours could shift our mood and make us feel a lot better.

in the psychology of colours, pink is a sign of hope…and that’s what we want, don’t we? in fact, the whole look is complete when a mesmerizing mixture of green and gold adds to it.

this teal beads clutch what we call confident choice, which is an excellent combination of embroidered patterns and bold colours.

the breathtaking beauty of the shining: green & yellow drop earrings could be the great touch up for your look.

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