today we celebrate one year since we launched in 2020. what a year it has been. 

a year of endless dreams, sleepless nights, working from home, living through a pandemic,  finding the perfect location for chique, learning the drills of managing a small business, pushing the limits, and opening a second location. 

most importantly, overcoming self-doubt & believing in hope. 


in light of our one-year anniversary since launch, we want to take a moment to thank everyone that believed and supported us. it’s truly been an incredible journey that would not have been the same without you. to celebrate this milestone, we want to share a bit about our brand and its beginnings.

the beginning 

we started as a little gift shop on the west side (VANCOUVER, BC) in 2018. our retail store enabled customers to one-off items and discuss custom orders for clothing. we slowly gained specialization in custom orders of western dresses with an indian twist. we provided our clients with the best craftsmanship with styles they desired. that perfect tailored outfit just for you!  


with this, our little gift shop quickly became a hub for unique clothing so we moved to a bigger location on west broadway. this was the beginning of the dream! 

in 2020, amidst the pandemic,  we relaunched with a new brand specializing in beautiful dresses made in an ethical way. we bring small batches of clothing using natural fibers that are good for you and the environment. whatever the occasion, we have you covered!

one year later

one year later.... we are a woman-owned, women-grown brand that continues to serve women who seek to express themselves through effortless, creative, and individual styles. 

a few months ago, we opened a second location at guildford town center. and just like our brand, our dreams are getting bigger. 

we still stand by our values:

give back to the community

stand up against abuse and racism

look after our environment 

support small businesses and women 

be kind and honest 


the celebrations  

in celebration of our one-year anniversary, we are giving away FREE outfits worth over $350 each to 2 lucky winners complete with shoes and accessories.

to get the details of the giveaway, just click the image below. winners will be announced on august 18th, 2021. 



we have so much to be thankful for. to our friends, family, and customers who keep supporting and promoting us. to the universe who continue to guide and inspire us. we are looking forward to celebrating more years with more passion. we hope to make a difference globally, starting locally.  we hope to inspire with our ethically made sustainable clothing. because fashion shouldn’t cost the earth!  

we hold on to this quote as we move forward:

“she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails”

- elizabeth edwards 

PS: 20% off EVERYTHING. in-store and online
it's a limited-time opportunity to save big, so stock up! 
sale ends july 19, 2021 

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