what's a chique laxmi?

what's a chique laxmi?


it's a new year. 2022: the year of the tiger. the year when we are reintroducing our “chique laxmi” by showcasing the different faces of just some fierce women we know. 

"Laxmi" has been symbolic with the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity but for us, Laxmi is the Goddess in every woman out there, especially a chique one. 

chique laxmi day was introduced in 2020 on my birthday because of my obsession with Laxmi Bai (the Queen of Jhansi) growing up (i still obsess over her brave and fierce yet feminine lifestyle).

we talk about woman empowerment today as if it’s a modern concept. we talk about India as a third world country. we forget that this is the country where many modern concepts were born - whether it would be yoga, ayurveda or women empowerment. india is where brave women have achieved woman empowerment centuries ago.

it is the country that gave us the warrior queen, Queen Laxmi Bai. she stood up and raised her voice against injustice in a time of oppression. she fought vigilantly against armies of men and in her last battle, she fought with her young toddler son tied to her back. can you picture that for a minute?! an indian woman, fighting a battle with a toddler tied to her back in the 19th century and we think that it's a "modern" school of thought that women today can breastfeed their infants in the parliament.

she stood up for freedom.  she was such a “firecracker" that her enemies couldn’t help but praise her for her valour, contribution towards her country, leadership, and personality. 

anyway, i told you i'm in awe of this woman.  taking this further, we are restarting our campaign in 2022 by showcasing a “chique laxmi” for each month.

our chique laxmis are women of color and this year, they are local boss babes (and women i'm lucky enough to know personally) who are making waves in their respective fields in their own way. 

we are kicking off March with our chique laxmi Nisha Kharé: a lifestyle director for entrepreneurs and brands, focusing on fashion and parenthood in the modern age.

stay tuned for more about her in the upcoming weeks.

if you know a woman that deserves to be spotlighted, please drop us a line at heybabe@chiqueboutique.ca. 

with love, 


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