the vow to protect

the vow to protect

any one of south asian descent is familiar with the annual day that all sisters look forward to and all brothers save up for - RAKHRI! on this day, the sisters dress up, kitchens are bustling with delicious treats and brothers are preparing money envelopes. the sisters will tie a thread on their brothers' wrist and he will give her cash and gifts. 

is this how RAKHRI started, though? not quite.  

the age old tale is that Rani (Queen) Karnavati, a widow queen of Chittor, sought  help from the 16th century Emperor Humayun when her fort was under attack by Bahadur Shah. she enclosed a silk thread bracelet in a letter to Humayun, asked him to accept the bracelet and her as a little sister and to come and protect her kingdom from the tyrant Bahadur Shah. this is how rakhri became a tradition fondly followed by women in india.  with time, the brothers started to give gifts to their sisters along with the vow to always have her back. 

this year, we thought, why should the brothers' take all the burden of having to protect?  what happened with rani karnavati was in 1535. this is now 2021. shouldn't women have the power to protect as well? shouldn't women also take a role and taking a stand against the tyrants of 2021?  

this was our mindset, the story and the why behind the rakhi bracelet.  we wanted to take the same vow through sales of this bracelet. the vow to protect innocent women, children and people in need. the vow to be the change we want to see in the world. 

we looked for the right charity and found ALLY GLOBAL FOUNDATION - an organization dedicated to protecting those who need it most. 

our goal is to raise $10,000 through these bracelet sales for ALLY GLOBAL. our goal is also to raise awareness of this beautiful tradition and the need for this tradition to be true to the era we live in now. 

help us make a change. help us be the change. 

take your vow to protect. 

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