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hi ladies, 

we’ve been cooking up something very special and it’s finally here here! 

we are so excited to announce that the ikat collection is officially available in stores and online


ikat is one of the oldest forms of textile production. the oldest surviving example of ikat fabric is a 5,000 years old indian odishan style cloth found in an egyptian pharaoh’s tomb 

the word ‘ikat’ comes from the indonesian word for ‘tie or bind’. the fabric is created using a complex process of marking, tying, and dyeing the design into the yarn before it’s woven into clothing. a master weaver first ties bundles of threads in precise patterns to prepare them to dye. next, using an intricate resist-dyeing technique, the fabric design is created. it’s complicated because the tied patterns must accurately match the pattern desired for the end result. next, the weaver secures the dyed thread and after checking for accuracy, the threads are woven into fabric and the design emerges. the blurriness of the final design primarily depends on the artisans’ skills or the fineness of the thread.

the ikat weave is much appreciated just for its beauty but the complicated patterns and difficultly of the craft give it a high level of prestige. the exact origin of this process is difficult to pinpoint considering its age. what we do know is that the widest variety of products are from maritime southeast asia, the indian subcontinent, and central asia.

we wanted to celebrate the rich heritage of india in handcrafted textiles with these comfortable and timeless clothing. in the fashion world, we are seeing ikat patterns used on all different kinds of items from dresses to handbags and shoes. the look and patterns are always eye-catching with a fun and exotic flavor. 

with this new IKAT COLLECTION, we bring to you an ancient art of fabric production. all styles are made with 100% cotton to keep you light and breezy all day long. 

personally, we love the fact that someone put such effort in making these amazing pieces of clothing. it adds to its uniqueness! 

so are you ready to join the IKAT frenzy? one word of warning though - you might love them so much that you would never want to take them off!  

you can find our curated collection of ikat clothing here: IKAT COLLECTION


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